David Gilmour: Comfortably Numb

David Gilmour is widely known as the lead guitarist and singer of the rock band Pink Floyd. His song writing and guitar playing contributions were a key element in their success. To this day “Dark Side of the Moon” remains one of the top selling albums ever. His Grammy awarded group was also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996. Aside from Pink Floyd he has a successful solo career. David’s philanthropic commitments have also been a focus in his life.

David is excellent at creating space within his playing. While a majority of guitarists become concerned with speed, his bluesy and vocal approach to the guitar is what has defined him musically. Without a depth of blazing guitar chops, David uses space, dynamics, and sound experimentation in a creative way.

This is a clip of his “Comfortably Numb” solo taken a performance in London, England in 2006. This solo, combined with the filming approach truly capture the spacious nature to David Gilmour’s style.

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  1. Right up there as one of my all time favourite guitarists (I’m too indecisive to choose just one). I love in Pink Floyd’s live performances how they flesh out the songs or change them a little, and make the songs just that much more than the recordings. I always find with Gilmour, he has this way of making the guitar and the music the showpiece, and he sort of fades into the background – which makes him that much more of a great musician. The flash has it’s place, but I love his creative restraint.

  2. Dave is the best solo guitarist i have ever heard! His solos makes me cry and… did you hear his On an Island album?

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