Pat Metheny Chops – A Lesson By Morten Faerestrand

A few days ago, my good friend Mauro sent me a link to a YouTube video by Morten Faerestrand.

This video provides excellent insight into some of Pat Metheny’s techniques. As well, Morten is a fabulous player and I very much appreciate the time he spends to detail these creative and unique techniques of a truly amazing musician.

Hope you enjoy it. Me, I am off to practice 😉

Thanks Mauro!



  1. What a great player and extremely like-able humble personality this man is….a true STAR IMHO..!!!
    I have never heard anything like it but I most certainly am going to add (or try to add) some of those pull-offs on different strings that Maestro does in the clip….and add them to my repertoire such that it is….what a fantastic thing. Unbelievable. Yes Pat Metheny does it apparently but I’m not watching him, I’m watching Morten
    May I also please ask what that guitar is….I cannot read the head-stock. Looks like a custom made jazz box…but sounds incredible…that single pickup is powerful and sensitive, I only ever use the neck pickup anyway whether on Strat, Tele or LP
    Morten keep it up old mate….well done

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