Old Dog New Tricks MP3 Bundle Now Available

The Old Dog New Tricks CD is now available as an MP3 Bundle which includes all the songs from the CD and the cover art for $5.00 CDN! Pop over to gilnamur.com to take advantage of this great offer! If you are not familiar with this music, there are 4 free downloads here.   … [Read more...]

Ian Shipclark: Tall Ships

One of the great things about having a website or blog is the ability to share what others have done, what they have achieved and what they have overcome. I have known Ian for over a decade. Right from day one, we connected at many different levels and he has become a very important friend in my life. A while back, Ian told me he was working on his song Tall Ships which he had often spoken about over the years. Last week when he told me it was finished, I told him I really wanted to hear it and … [Read more...]

Ross Holloway – Mankind’s Attitude

I was speaking with my good friend Ross Holloway yesterday who called to fill me in on what has been happening with his latest project. Ross is a gifted singer/songwriter who last year released a few new songs. One of them is called Mankind’s Attitude the other, How Long. They are dedicated to the troops in Afghanistan and indeed all of those who serve our country to keep it safe whether here or on foreign soil. His website has the following dedication to them: "To all of the men and women who … [Read more...]

It’s Never Too Late to Learn the Guitar

As we head into the New Year, many of us will be making those familiar New Years resolutions. Why not make one about engaging a passion, like learning to play the guitar? A while back I wrote an article suggesting that it's never too late to embrace our passions. In it, I mentioned how when I used to teach guitar, some of the students' parents would tell me how they had always wanted to play the guitar but felt they were too old to start now. Fortunately, some of them changed their minds and … [Read more...]

Exploring 7/8

This piece is not meant to be a theory lesson in meter and time signatures. Rather, it is meant to help you open up some new doors and hopefully get your creative juices flowing! Most of us have grown up listening to music characterized by the familiar time signatures of 4/4 or 3/4. 4/4 is the most common time signature in rock, blues, country, funk, and pop while 3/4 is often used for country & western ballads, not to mention waltzes, minuets & scherzi! Both of these time … [Read more...]

Inspiration Through Traveling

In my experience as a guitarist, the spark of inspiration to play can come in many different forms. The inspirational factors behind consistent practice and creation can be quite personal, while also connected to the common root of a desire to improve. Think of inspiration as a spark that can ignite your motivational flame. Once lit, the energy from this flame will propel your desire into actions. But as we all know, while a flame can burn bright and strong, it can also flicker and even go … [Read more...]

Committed to Success

When approaching a music project, no matter whether it’s a rehearsal, a recording or a performance, an important fundamental aspect to success is commitment. Being truly committed to a project means setting a goal and following through with attaining it. Commitment lies deeper than musical skill, gratification, and ego. It’s about showing up prepared and ready to do the work using whatever means are at ones disposal. Creating a focus that is clearly defined in everyone’s mind will allow for … [Read more...]

A personal tribute to Carlos Santana

Song For Carlos I wrote this song in 1996 as a personal tribute to a guitar player who over the years has had an influence on me. That guitar player of course is Carlos Santana. I hope he gets to hear it one day! The song is track 2 on my CD, Old Dog New Tricks which I released in 2007. Thank you Carlos for all you've done to inspire so many of us, both musically and personally. This is for you :-) Song for Carlos Visit the Carlos Santana website: Photo Credits Carlos … [Read more...]

Little Kids Rock

Between 2000 and 2003, twice a year my job would take me to Anaheim and Nashville to attend the NAMM shows. The NAMM Show is one of the largest music product trade shows in the world. For a musician, it’s like being a kid in the largest candy store you can possibly imagine. I saw superbly crafted instruments, incredible new technology and I met amazing musicians like Victor Wooten, Alan Parsons and Bill Bruford to name but a few. While all of those things were very cool, what is forever etched … [Read more...]

A Promenade With Your Muse

Have you ever had a dry spell? You know, where you can't get motivated or inspired to play your instrument? If you're like me, you might even put a few of your guitars out on stands and leave them where you will always see them hoping that the sight of them will encourage you to play. When you pick up your guitar and start playing, you feel as if you've played these chords a million times and there is no creative spark to continue. It's like driving on a road you have traveled many times and … [Read more...]

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