Basic Music Theory Introduction

For many, music theory is a very difficult concept. Because of this fact, there are many musicians who have avoided the subject entirely. This is unfortunate, as a basic understanding of theory is a very good tool for any musician to have. Please understand, I am not saying that theory is necessarily essential to good musicianship. However, like all other walks in life, the more one knows about the subject for which they have an interest, the better equipped they are to get the most out of it.

These particular lessons will not cover sight-reading nor will they cover all aspects of music theory. As well, these lessons are not meant to replace existing teaching methodologies. They are meant only as a supplement.

The key to the success of these lessons lies with the reader’s ability to assimilate and memorize the information within. Each lesson has been written in such a way that anyone who follows the suggested study schedule will succeed in furthering his or her musical knowledge and also in making any future musical studies more readily understood.

I wish you every success with your studies and your pursuit of all things musical!



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