Lenny Breau: You Needed Me

Born in Auburn, Maine to a musical family, Lenny Breau began playing the guitar at age 8. His parents were both professional musicians who played together in their touring country band, “Lone Pine and Betty Cody”. By age 14 he was the lead guitarist in their band where he first performed and recorded professionally. The family eventually moved to Winnipeg when Lenny was 16, where he branched out on his own and developed a keen interest in Jazz music. Throughout his career, Lenny worked in many aspects of the music industry, teaching and writing for Guitar Player Magazine. However, live performance was always a focus as it allowed him to be artistically expressive and develop his depth of guitar techniques. Lenny also received significant exposure through his session work with CBC radio and television, even landing his own television show. It was a recording of The Lenny Breau Show which caught the attention of guitar legend Chet Atkins. Their mutual respect and ensuing friendship led to two Lenny Breau albums released thought RCA records.

While Lenny never attained success on a mainstream commercial level, his virtuosic jazz fingerstyle technique was groundbreaking. A player with an eclectic taste, Lenny incorporated country, flamenco, and jazz into his creative and unmatched sound. His highly developed picking hand and left hand facility allowed him to comp chords and play melodies for himself simultaneously. He also developed the ability to produce complex passages using harmonics.

Lenny’s life was tragically taken on August 12, 1984. The circumstances surrounding his death were unclear as his case still remains unsolved. These two clips are an example of the growth and diversity in Lenny’s playing. They truly show why he still remains a strong inspiration to some of the world’s greatest guitarists.

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