Lesson 2: 12 Bar Variations – The Texas Shuffle

There are many variations of the 12 Bar Blues. These variations are found in the chords and rhythm. The previous lesson showed a standard 12 Bar Blues with a shuffle feel. A variation on that is the “Texas Shuffle”. This uses the same chord progression with a shuffle feel but a few more notes added.

The major difference with this blues is what we will be playing rhythmically. Once your left hand is comfortable with the riff, try strumming through it – Down Up, Down Up, Down Up, Down Up. Try slightly palm muting for the down strokes and open strums for the up strokes. This will produce a very rhythmic and choppy sound.

Once you can play the riff over the I chord (E), use the same right hand rhythm over the IV chord (A). The V chord (B) uses a power chord shape and the turnaround uses a basic dominant chord shape. The turnaround is when the progression is about to return to the I chord.

Remember to play these parts slowly at a comfortable speed to begin. Enjoy!

Click on the TAB for an MP3 audio example.


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